02 Jul


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I have an hour before my video finishes rendering, so I look up at the world after days of constant drawing (the above was another rushed doodle for this blog, so apologises for the quality). I also see that nothing has changed. Spain are still European Champions, rain is disrupting Wimbledon, and the banks are after our money with a sharp knife clamped between the salivating lips.

I’m beginning to have serious reservations about the amount of time I’m putting into learning the software required to create my opening scene. I’m hoping it will be a fly-through of a small town rendered in 3D I’ve created, a bit Tim Burtonesque if I pull it off right, though without the right music and artwork, that’s looking increasingly unlikely. The idea was a good one and the early renderings have looked quite good. Only, to get the town looking how I want it to look, I have to decorate the place. Hence the reason I spent Sunday drawing houses, fountains, statues, walls, bushes, trees, streetlamps, pedestrians, bikes, old men… The list goes on and I still find myself with gaps that need filling and require something more than yet another shrub or badly drawn house.

So, that’s what I’m about to do: go search the web for interesting pictures of things to stick in the centre of a town. Suggests that don’t include vomiting teenagers and urinating tramps are most welcome… Actually, the urinating tramp actually sounds quite good. I’ll go and start with that.


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8 thoughts on “Wallpaper

    • LOL. Of course, the problem is that if the beginning turns out to be *too* good, the rest of the animation (which is pretty basic) begins to look like a disappointment… It will end up like one of those films with great credits and a crap story. You know, Max Payne, Wrath of the Titans… I’m sure there are others.

  1. I really enjoyed Wrath of the Titans young lady!

    Am about to embark on a run of Uwe Boll films on Netflix seeing as Postal and Bluberella are both so enjoyable.

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