IconsmMy name is David Waywell and I’m a writer and cartoonist. Under different aliases I have written blogs such as ‘The Richard Madeley Apprecation Society‘, ‘Chip Dale’s Diary‘, ‘Damn United‘, ‘The Bulgarian Love Muscle‘, ‘What Ho Proles‘, and ‘The World of Felicity Grope’.

As Stan Madeley, the UK’s top Richard Madeley lookalike, I wrote over 500 letters to the rich, famous, interesting or, in the case of Manuel Noriega, downright odd. About 50 of them became the book ‘Second-Class Male’, which some people liked a lot and a few hated in equal measure. You can catch a brief interview with me on Radio 4 here talking about pretending to be Richard Madeley.

I have been lucky enough to have been nominated for the odd award and my work has appeared occasionally in the national press, TV, radio, and once, to my great amusement, in a New York courtroom.

If you feel like doing a good deed today, email me at thespineblog@gmail.com and tell me you enjoy my blog even if that means lying.