My thirteenth animation was a long render (25 hours) but otherwise a very quickly made short. A few problems remain in animating the hands and I’m completely stuck when it comes to fixing my animation by adjusting f-curves.

My twelfth animation was probably my most ambitious so far, though I cheated slightly to cut down on the rendering times. Unless the other animations where I rendered at a relatively high resolution, the majority of this was rendered at 640×480 and then hidden during compositing by masking it with a old TV effect.

My eleventh animation was the first of the 3D animations where I set out to deliberately skit somebody. I’d already been making test renders of Fergie, so Van Persie’s move to United just seemed the perfect opportunity to animate a set of bad knees. Not particularly pleased with the result. The changing shirt was far too subtle and the software biased rendering left too many artefacts in the finished animation.

Except for an endless cycle of test renders, this was probably my first real Computer Generated animation and is notable because it was my first attempt at lip syncing. It took me hours to sync just one word, though, looking back, I chose the hardest way to do it.

My eighth animation was for Film 4’s Scenestealers competition, in which they asked for two minute remakes of scenes from a selection of their films. I spent too much time on this one, primarily learning to use a few different techniques, such as alpha keying, allowing me to layer animations. I also had to get to grips with a 3D package, used to create a small 3D version of Bruges so I could fly the camera around for the intro. Had I the time, I could have made this so much better but I couldn’t justifiably keep filling the streets with objects you’d only see in passing. Time taken: too much time. Equipment used: blood and sweat.

Took me about a day to create Munro, my seventh animation. Favourite part: the opening since I actually made something in After Effects exactly how I’d conceived it.

Compared with my previous attempt, my sixth animation was the product of one night. Partially rigged puppets made the job so much easier. Just like in real life, I can’t stop looking a the woman with the large alluring eyes sitting at the side. Also quite pleased with my quick sketch of Elinor Goodman. There’s also so much I would do differently if I were to do this again, not least the yawn.

My attempt to mark Euro 2012. This was my fifth animation and took over a week to finish, though I abandoned it midway. Taught me to never start animating without a script and quality drawings. Also taught me the value of good music. Favourite part: when the music kicks in at the end.

My fourth animation and another attempt to get a hand-drawn look. This one really did take far too long to finish. My favourite part: the bird at the end. By that point, I’d started to get the hang of it.

My third animation and my first attempt at doing the voices. I think the shock of hearing myself try to sing ‘Ben’ stopped me doing any more animations for months. My favourite bit: when Gaga shakes her baps. It’s only now that I begin to see a theme developing in my animations. Note to self: stop drawing breasts.

My second animation and my first attempt at using cut out models. Can’t believe I cared that much about the AV Referendum to put the hours into this. The only bit I like is the moment Vince Cable leans forward to reveal his cleavage. Why he does this I really don’t know but I’m still putting in the hours with a shrink to see if we can find out.

My very first attempt at an animation, hand drawing each cell. Ridiculous way to animate, especially when you can’t draw, a task made even more difficult by drawing straight to the screen using my irritatingly small 6 inch Bamboo tablet.

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